JC1 Hand Controller

JC1 Hand Controller

The JC1 Hand Controller is designed for easy control of ForPrompt Studio software.

JC1’s assignable function buttons allow you to control the flow of the script in your own way. An optional R100 receiver can be integrated for wireless connection.

Frequency 433 MHz 15mW RF 50m (JC-1 with R100)
Operating Voltage 1.8V-3.3V(at RF mode), 5V (at USB Mode)
Signal Length 50m (JC1 with R100)
Power Requirements 2xAAA battery(for RF Mode), USB connection (for USB Mode)
Battery Lifetime 30 days
Number of Channel 10 channels
Connection Type Multiple connection JC1 to R100 at RF Mode
Light Indicator 2 colors
• Red Color Connection is not available
• Green Color Connection is available
JC1 Endless Rotary Button Control for speed up – speed down
JC1 Buttons 2 Button
• Previous Button First Press Stop, Second Press Previous
• Next Button First Press Stop, Second Press Next
• Rotary Button Forward, Backward, Pause