About Us


Fortinge is a Publishing Technology Company that aims to be known for innovation and development in the industry and develops products in line with this goal.

We develop products within the framework of efficiency and accessibility by analyzing the needs of different customer segmentations. In this context, while we produce solutions for large TV Studios that use the most advanced infrastructures, we also market suitable products for smaller studios and individuals who broadcast by scaling these solutions.

In addition to our hardware solutions, we develop and present our software products that will work in the most compatible way with these products to our customers.

We continue to work with high motivation with our team members who are experts in their fields, our customers, and dealers in more than 60 countries to achieve our goals of continuous innovation and development, complete customer satisfaction, and is a leading company in the sector.

Our First Product

It has been produced ourfirst Studio Teleprompter in 2014

We are continuing

Meanwhile, we started to produce broadcast monitors and software solutions. “2023″

Our Story

We determine our direction with the feedback we receive from our customers."

The Story So Far

Our company first started as Akratek Electronic in May 2011.
We started small, as a local import company in the broadcast sector in Turkey. We worked with TV channels, studios, universities, ministries and municipal offices.
In June 2013, we produced our very first Forprompt Teleprompter.
Mass production on the Forprompt Teleprompter started in January 2014
Our monitor and touchscreen production started, under our new name ‘Fortinge’.
In January 2017 we released the first versions of our Foringest Software Solutions.
In June of 2017 we added Proplay software, with its unique user-friendly menu.
We attended our first exhibition - IBC in Amsterdam in September 2017.
We’ve been part of exhibitions at INTER-BEE, BVE and CABSAT.
As of 2019 we are now exporting our products to over 30 countries around the world.
Europe Branch office and service center opened in Budapest, Hungary in 2022 February
We have released ERA IP, the IP base solution for teleprompters.
An addition to the product list; FORTINGE LIGHTS are now in!

As we are an innovating the company, we add new products to our list.


Our products are being used in more than 60 countries.