FORPROMPT Teleprompter Software

Fortinge is proud to present ‘ForPrompt Studio’, our full-scale teleprompting software application.

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• Compatible with TV Broadcasting Workflow
• HD/SD SDI output feature with Decklink I/O cards. Also Multi-monitor and various resolutions
• Compatible with all common MOS Newsroom systems.
• Supports all MOS Socket protocol versions.
• NDI video broadcast feature on the network. NDI preview.
• Thanks to the Online auto update on-air editing feature in the editor and for the remote MOS system, Newsroom automatically publishes text updates in real time without the user.
• Multi-language and full Unicode support. Also interface in different languages like English Arabic and Chinese.
• RTL Right to Left editing support for languages like Arabic and Hebrew.
• Flip feature for Prompter screens.
• Option to hide text when Presenter switches to free speech Blank Screen Feature.
• User-friendly interface. Rich text formatting. Native rich text file formats support like PDF DOCX PPTX RTF HTML etc.
• Smooth text flow and dynamic smart text rendering.
• Rich wireless and wired controllers support. RF, USB, Pen, Foot Pedal, Shuttle Express, Shuttle Pro etc.
• Allowing all the basic operations such as play, pause, two–way scroll, ability to navigate scripts in rundown, speed management, background color selection, font selection.)
• Windows 8 to 11 compatibility and Code Signing Certification for Application Security.
• Hand/Foot Control Unit for speed control in forward & reverse direction of prompt output are available. System is capable of speed control with multiple numbers of speed controllers- hand/foot controls, wireless hand controller.
• System supports all major languages and language change-over is instantaneous and within one or more operations. It is possible to mix two or more languages in a single script.
• Preview of the screen as seen by the speaker on teleprompter is available to the operator.


* Multilingual Interface
* Preview Window On Main Screen
* Auto Update in Story List
* Remote Control via Network TCP/IP
* Jump to Active Story
* Jump to Cursor
* Easy Story Navigation
* Check Updates
* Reading Marker with RTL Support
* Send Text, Clock, Countdown Messages To Presenter
* Flip Option in Preview Panel
* Send Preview Keys To Engine
* Blank Screen

* Smart Rich Text Editor
* Rich Text Coloring
* Full Unicode Support
* Right-to-Left Editing
* Word Break Option
* Insert Bookmark or Story Header
* Drag&Drop Files From Explorer
* Import Native Rich Text File Formats

* Smooth Text Flow
* Live Update During Prompt
* Dynamic Fast Text Rendering
* Smart Live Update Algorithm
* Smart Screen Scaling
* Engine Performance Settings
* Very Low CPU&GPU Usage
* Speed Factor (1/4x to 4x)
* Hide Display When Select The Output Device

* Decklink Cards Support with HD/SD SDI Output
* Decklink PAL/NTSC Interlace Support
* Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle Support (for Laptops)
* Multi Monitor Support
* Easy Change Display Devices
* Display Flip
* Output Device Flip
* Various Resolutions (16:9, 16:10, 4:3, 3:2)
* Different Resolutions Possibility for Screen and Output

* Sensitivity and Overall Speed Controls
* Plug&Play Controller Devices and RF Remote Controllers
* Status List of Controller Devices (like battery, distance etc)
* Shuttle Xpress Direct Device Support
* Shuttle Pro2 Direct Device Support
* Foot Switch Plug&Play Controller
* Pen Mouse Plug&Play Controller
* RF, Pen, Foot Pedal, Jog&Shuttle Controller Status in Device List
* Fortinge JOG USB/RF Remote Controller Support
* Fast Story Navigation With Jog Controller
* Move Text With Jog Controller

* MOS Support with All Socket Versions
* MOS Live Update During Prompt
* MOS Logging
* MOS Show Additional Texts Option
* Newsroom Comment Hiding
* ENPS, OCTOPUS, iNEWS FTP, MARSIS and more supported…

* Code Signing Certification for Application Security
* Windows 8-11 Compatibility
Version 2.0 What’s New:
Windows 7 Compatibility (Software Only)
Auto Load Last Document Option
Engine Default Screen Selection

(**) Newsroom  is sold separately.





 Minimum ConfigurationRecommended Configuration
SystemHome laptop or desktopProfessional laptop or desktop
OSWindows 8 (64-bit)Windows 10 (64-bit)
CPUIntel i5Intel i7
Memory4 GB8 GB
Network (remote only)300+ megabit1 gigabit
Graphic Card1 GB memoryNVidia GPU 2 GB dedicated memory
Screen Resolution1024x7681920x1080
Output Device (optional)Decklink Mini MonitorDecklink SDI 4K
Output Resolution720p50 (1280X720)1080p60 (1920x1080)
Display Monitor1 desktop1 desktop + 1 display monitor
Licensing (Engine only)USB Dongle or Online LicenseUSB Dongle or Online License