FORPROMPT Teleprompter Software

Fortinge is proud to present ‘ForPrompt Studio’, our full-scale teleprompting software application.

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• Compatible with TV Broadcasting Workflow
• HD/SD SDI output feature with Decklink I/O cards. Also Multi-monitor and various resolutions
• Compatible with all common MOS Newsroom systems.
• Supports all MOS Socket protocol versions.
• NDI video broadcast feature on the network. NDI preview.
• Thanks to the Online auto update on-air editing feature in the editor and for the remote MOS system, Newsroom automatically publishes text updates in real time without the user.
• Multi-language and full Unicode support. Also interface in different languages like English Arabic and Chinese.
• RTL Right to Left editing support for languages like Arabic and Hebrew.
• Flip feature for Prompter screens.
• Option to hide text when Presenter switches to free speech Blank Screen Feature.
• User-friendly interface. Rich text formatting. Native rich text file formats support like PDF DOCX PPTX RTF HTML etc.
• Smooth text flow and dynamic smart text rendering.
• Rich wireless and wired controllers support. RF, USB, Pen, Foot Pedal, Shuttle Express, Shuttle Pro etc.
• Allowing all the basic operations such as play, pause, two–way scroll, ability to navigate scripts in rundown, speed management, background color selection, font selection.)
• Windows 8 to 11 compatibility and Code Signing Certification for Application Security.
• Hand/Foot Control Unit for speed control in forward & reverse direction of prompt output are available. System is capable of speed control with multiple numbers of speed controllers- hand/foot controls, wireless hand controller.
• System supports all major languages and language change-over is instantaneous and within one or more operations. It is possible to mix two or more languages in a single script.
• Preview of the screen as seen by the speaker on teleprompter is available to the operator.




ForPrompt Studio 2.5                   setup              portable

ForPrompt Studio 2.4                   setup              portable

ForPrompt Studio 2.3                   setup              portable       

ForPrompt Studio 2.2                   setup                     

ForPrompt Studio 2.1                   setup                     




ForPrompt Studio

* Multilingual Interface
* Preview Window On Main Screen
* Auto Update in Story List
* Remote Control via Network
* Jump to Active Story
* Jump to Cursor
* Easy Story Navigation
* Reading Marker with RTL Support
* Send Text, Clock, Countdown Messages To Presenter
* Flip/Mirror Options for Preview
* Story List Follows Live Prompter
* Story Reordering
* Prompter Scroll Previewer
* Video Stream Over IP

* Smart Rich Text Editor
* Rich Text Coloring
* Full Unicode Support
* Right-to-Left Editing
* Word Break Option
* Insert Bookmark or Story Header
* Drag&Drop Files From Explorer
* Import Native Rich Text File Formats
* Auto Load Last Script
* Various Paste Options
* Printing
* Export to PDF
* Header Scale Setting

* Smooth Text Flow
* Live Update During Prompt
* Dynamic Fast Text Rendering
* Smart Live Update Algorithm
* Smart Screen Scaling
* Engine Performance Settings
* Very Low CPU&GPU Usage
* Speed Factor (1/4x to 4x)
* Hide Display When Select Output Device
* Arrow & Highlight Reading Features

* Decklink Cards Support with HD/SD SDI Output
* Decklink PAL/NTSC Interlace Support
* Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle Support (for Laptops)
* Multi Monitor Support
* Easy Change Display Devices
* Display Flip & Mirror
* Output Device Flip & Mirror
* IP Flip & Mirror
* Various Resolutions (16:9, 16:10, 4:3, 3:2)
* Different Resolutions Possibility for Screen and Output


* Sensitivity and Overall Speed Controls
* Plug&Play Controller Devices and RF Remote Controllers
* Status List of Controller Devices (like battery, distance etc)
* Shuttle Xpress Direct Device Support
* Shuttle Pro2 Direct Device Support
* Foot Switch Plug&Play Controller
* Pen Mouse Plug&Play Controller
* RF, Pen, Foot Pedal, Jog&Shuttle Controller Status in Device List
* Fortinge JOG USB/RF Remote Controller Support
* Fast Story Navigation With Jog Controller
* Move Text With Jog Controller
* Revert Scrolling
* Automatic Direct Jog Support Installer

* Windows 8-11 Compatibility
* Windows 7 Compatibility (Software Only)
* Code Signing Certification for Application Security
* Application Logging
* Automatic Check Updates

* MOS Support with All Socket Versions
* MOS Live Update During Prompt
* MOS Logging
* MOS Show Additional Texts Option
* MOS and FTP Story Page Number
* Select FTP Rundowns
* Newsroom Comment Hiding
* ENPS, OCTOPUS, iNEWS FTP, MARSIS and more supported…
* Engine Remote Control with Keyboard
* Blank Screen

(**) Newsroom  is sold separately.


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release notes

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