Import and save your scripts as rich text or simple text (.docx, .txt and .rtf format without needing MS Word)
Single-screen scrolling and Dual-screen scrolling are available on Extended or cloned monitor.
Blackmagic Decklink Output (PAL, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, SDI, HDMI, Composite, Component)
Choose from multiple fonts and colors
Copy and paste your scripts from other applications
The software allows you to set cue points
Built-in Word Processor/Script Editor (Script Printing,Undo/Redo,Text Search/Replace)
Background and text colors are user selectable.
Advanced features include variable scroll position and variable speed control
Prompter font size can be set relative to editor font size
Allows Unicode sources (Double-byte fonts)
Preview window on main screen.
Text editing in real time while playing.
Allows several remote controls simultaneously (Keyboard, mouse, hand, foot, wireless..).
User Selectable Cue Points (Bookmarks)
Watch a simple or rich text file on local or network and load when it changed.
Sensitivity and Overall Speed Controls
Smooth text flow
Phone and Email Tech Support