Foringest is designed as an ideal solution for television channels, web televisions, broadcast studios, archive operations, universities, central monitoring stations, control rooms, media monitoring centers, research laboratories, military and institutions to get high quality of SD and HD records either for production or for security purpose. It offers an easy use for the users by both Declink card & SDI Support and has a simple interface. Besides all control can be done on a single screen.

Foringest goes up to 4 channel record according to the demand. The system is supported by Avi, Mpeg, mp4, mpg, ts, mov, mxf, gxf, dv, flv, vob, asf, mkv, webm, mp3, ac3, aac, wav, ogg with SD, HD and Full HD records. It has a nonstop and long term record feature since its durability is tested for several times.


Main Features
Non-Stop High Quality Recording with the resolutions of HD, SD and 4K
Enables to record multiple channels at the same time*
Multi Channel NDI Rendering and Recording*
Multi Channel Stream Flow (RTMP, UDP, RTSP, IIS Live Smooth and Apple Http LiveStreaming)*
User friendly interface
Ability to make changes on Interface
100 % Recording Safety
Building different projects
Ability to open saved files faster
Building different record and stream sets
Ability to make 4 different previews
Controlling records easily thanks to shortcuts
NDI recording
Windows Platform supported
Supported Video Cards
Support Internal and External Video Card (Blackmagic Design, AJA, BlueFish444, Stream Labs, DELTACAST, Magewell)
*ask for price for multiple channel option