Fortinge is being known as the innovator company that produces functional products in the sector. It grows and renovates its technology day by day aiming to become the leader in the market.

Fortinge creates a difference with its fully experienced electronic and software engineers in R&D department and has the advantage of reflecting these experiences in user base that result with producing ergonomic products with easy use. As being the manufacturer we care about the feedbacks that help us to form our products accordingly.

It differs from other brands since Fortinge offers solutions in hardware and software production that leads to a smooth flowchart for users. Thanks to our stock based system we can respond to our customers’requests in a quick way. Our main target is to develop solution based products by cooperating with strong partners in the markets that we occur.

We are proud to be at this point as per to our starting point since we have much more way to go further and achieve the goals in a very short time.


  • We have started our journey by establishing Akratek Elektronik in May 2011 as a local import company in broadcast sector in Turkey serving and supplying tv channels and studios, universities, ministries, municipalities etc.
  • The first version of Forprompt prompters were produced in June 2013,
  • Mass production was started in January 2014,
  • Our monitor and touch screen production was started in June 2016 under our own brand Fortinge,
  • Foringest software was released in January 2017 that has a wide range from low budgets to high budgets,
  • Forplay software was released in June 2017 with its userfriendly menu,
  • We attended to our first exhibition IBC in Amsterdam in September 2017